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Blackberry 10 APK Health-and-fitness

Ideal Weight Blackberry 10 APK
A super simple Blackberry BMI Calculator app in APK downloadable format. Calculate your current BMI within seconds with this easy to use blackberry app!for a healthier lifestyle!
Fitness Calorie counter Blackberry 10 APK
This blackberry APK calorie counter contains one of the largest calorie databases on the market, with over 3 million foods, and an easy to use interface, this is one of the best calorie couters for blackberry on the market!
Runtastic road bike Blackberry 10 APK
This blackberry GPS APK application takes cycling to the next level! This is probably the most advanced cycling computer you have ever seen! Track live performance metrics, connect with google maps, check your speed, grade, elevation, and more! The ultimate cycling application for blackberry!
Runtastic Pedometer Blackberry 10 APK
Keep your blackberry in your pocket all day and receive a warning whenever you have reached 10.000 steps, the daily target for everybody who wants to stay healthy. Because 10 thousand steps a day keeps the doctor away! Enjoy this blackberry APK pedometer!
Squats Pro Blackberry 10 APK
use your blackberry as a personal trainer! This squats pro application will help you to become a real bodybuilder! Count the number of squats, calories burned and more with this squat-pro blackberry APK application!
Runtastic Pull-Ups Blackberry 10 APK
Improve your muscles by using this Runtastic Pull-ups blckberry APK application. Use the progressive workout plan to improve your strangth and endurance. This blackberry APK file uses your devices build in accelerometer to count Pull-ups
Runtastic Altimeter Blackberry 10 APK
Turn your blackberry into a real altimeter with this blackberry application. Get weather info, GPS coordinates, compass information and more from this Runtastic Altimeter application for blackberry in APK format!
Abs workout Blackberry 10 APK
Get a perfect 6 pack in only 6-weeks with this abs workout trainer for balckberry in APK format

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